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Biodiversity & Environmental Sustainability


A Trust for Nature Conservation

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Biodiversity & Environmental Sustainability (BEST) is an initiative from the hearts of those who have experienced the beauty of nature very closely and have worked in the pristine blue lakes, dense green forests, shimmering waterfalls from the mountains and chirping birds in the heart of the wilderness. It’s respect towards our mother nature, the cradle of life to known and unknown forms of life, together with which we share the cool breeze, the gushing streams , the twinkling stars in the clear night and the heavenly whiff of the first drops of rain in the parched soil and fields who let us free with every new sprouts. We are here to be there and care when we are needed most.


“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world” ― Gautama Buddha


India is amongst the 10th mega biodiverse country of the world with 2.4% of the land area, accounting for 7-8% of the species of the world. It includes about 91,000 species of animals and 45,500 species of plants,  of these 13% of mammals, 4.5% of birds, 46% of reptiles, 56% of amphibians and 33% of Indian plants are endemic i.e. restricted only to India. 


India's biologically rich areas (e.g. protected forest, hot spots) are facing severe conservation threats due to anthropogenic activities. The degradation of remaining forest habitats due to deforestation, land use change is one of the majour threats of biodiversity. Therefore to avert the rapid decline of India;s biodiversity, it is imperative that conservation science should put in place for effective conservation and protection of biodiversity.

India's natural resources are eroding at a rapid rate owing to various developmental needs  and ever increasing human population, it resulted in overexploitation of natural resources  and danger the livelihood of millions of people dependent directly on natural resources. Keeping this in mind BEST will develop capacity building in rural or protected areas for sustainable utilization and management of natural resources.

BEST is a registered non profit organization (Reg no: 738) founded in 2014 and aims to instil in the people of India a passionate respect for their natural heritage and rich biological diversity which ultimately leads to conservation of biodiversity of India.


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