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BEST will use social media, blogging, and other internet news and information sources to bring issues of environmental importance to the world. However, organizing environmental awareness programs sustainable management of natural resources and conducting environmental research will be our primary objective.


  • Conducting scientific research on nature conservation and disseminating its results to government agencies and to the general public.

  • Natural resource management through capacity building in areas that are rich in biodiversity.

  • Sustainable management of wetlands through conservation of its flora and fauna.

  • Urban ecology 

  • Biodiversity monitoring and recording is first step to know the status and trend of biodiversity in region, therefore we aim to establish long term monitoring stations in the part of country which are important from conservation point (e.g Important bird area or endemic bird areas) of view.

  • Developing a youth group dedicated to conservation who will receive training in field biology which includes identification of species and vegetation sampling technique.

  • Organizing environmental awareness programme in schools and colleges

  • Promoting environmental science among Indians through organizing workshops and seminars.

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We are engaging local communities of Himalayas in monitoring birds of their region by providing them training in bird's identification and counting.
We aim to establish a network of volunteer in Himalayas which help us in  identifying factors that are contributing to decline in birds species diversity in Himalayas. We are mainly focusing on areas that are outside the protected area network.

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Hydro Power Projects are being constructed throughout Himalayas. These projects are built up on the upstream of Himalayan Rivers to generate electricity. Building of Hydro Power Projects expected to have cascading effect on the environment and ecology of mountains. Therefore we are monitoring the impacts of HPP on the birds and their habitats. Since 2015, we are monitoring population of birds around Hydro Power Projects, in Himachal Pradesh. The results will help us understand the likely impacts of HPP on birds and their habitat.

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At Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability - BEST, we believe that a little help can go a very long way. Get in touch with us and see how you can be a part of our community of givers!

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